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Isaac J. Sanz was born in Barcelona in the early 80's, coinciding with the birth of MIDI (Musical Instrument Digital Interface)
and the rise of synthesizers; ultimately with the boom of electronic music and its development. Perhaps this played a role in his musical career.
Years later he began to experiment with alternatives and electronic musical instruments, working his way into the art of DJing.
By the mid-90's he had already began to show his talent as a DJ in Spain, and he soon began touring around the world, gaining the respect of his listeners wherever he goes.
Currently he is entitled and instructed by the best producers of the national and international scene, and he produces his own tracks, never forgetting his passion for quality music and playing live for his listeners.
In 2007 he joined in the production of SONODROMO PRODUCTIONS in Barcelona, a prestigious musical event, raising his fame and opening up opportunities to DJ at some of the best private parties in Barcelona and Europe.
He is currently the PRODUCER OF SONODROMO PRODUCTIONS Barcelona.

Concurring  cabin  with Cesar de Melero (Amnesia Ibiza) Brian Cross (Amnesia Ibiza), Juanra Martinez (Illusion Club Ripollet)
Frank Caro (Pacha Barcelona) Javi Mula (Sundown Barcelona) Lenz Garcia (Barcelona City Hall),
Alvaro Munoz (Dabzzatoria barcelona), Florian Gasperini (Buddha Bar Barcelona)
Javi Martin (Soko Barcelona), Albert Maris (24Beats Records), DJ Juanjo (Unbreakable Groove) etc…

StarrLight (Official Video)
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